Tourist Taxes in Tuscany

In most of Tuscany there are now an overnight taxes paid separately from your rent.

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The cities of Rome, Florence and Venice introduced a tourist tax for non-residents and this is rapidly being copied by smaller towns throughout Tuscany. The local administration is in charge of the tax and therefore different conditions and requirements apply.

To give an indication of what to expect, all visitors to Florence, Italy, who are staying overnight in accommodation within the province of Firenze (Florence) will have to pay a “Tourism tax”. This tax applies to all residences, apartments, hotels, villas, guesthouses, hostels and campsites. Amounts vary from €1 to €5 per night, depending on the “official rating” of the accommodation, and will generally only apply to the first seven consecutive nights. Note that children under 10 years of age are exempt.

Unless otherwise stated, the tourist tax is not included in rental rates. You must pay this tax separately and directly to the accommodation provider you are staying with and they, on your behalf, will then do the paperwork and pay the tax directly to the municipality. They are obliged to issue with a separate receipt for the tax.

For details of the tourist tax for the area of Greve in Chianti, click here.

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