Tuscany Vacation Rentals

Vacation Rentals in Tuscany, Italy - Farm house apartments and villas, village accommodation,
farm house lodgings, and B&B room for your vacation in Tuscany.

By far the best way to enjoy your vacation in Tuscany is to stay in the country or a small village, even if you plan to explore the art cities such as Pisa, Lucca, Florence and Sienna. A room or even an entire self-catering vacation apartment on a farm or in a Tuscan villa will cost you less than the equivalent hotel accommodation in a city centre, with the additional pleasure of a swimming pool, quietness and the cool air and magnificent views of the Chianti hills and valleys of Tuscany.

Tuscany Vacation Rentals

Look at our list of Tuscany vacation rentals and holiday homes. Imagine your vacation surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and hills, close to castles, mediaeval villages and wineries. Reserve your holiday home in Chianti and Tuscany directly from the owners - these are the prices you would get walking up to the door - no agents' fees - no price markups.

For your vacation in Tuscany - stay in the cool Chianti hills - Bed and Breakfast, apartments with pool.
Check our Greve in Chianti Tuscany vacation rentals web site.

Tuscany vacation rentals

The types of accommodation we offer may seem a bit confusing: how is a villa different from a country hotel; a farmstay different from a Bed and Breakfast?

Tuscany farmhouses - these are located on working farms, usually vineyards with large areas of olive trees. The rooms are inside, or next to, the house of the family running the farm. Some of the farms produce olive oil, while others produce wine, honey, tomatoes and other vegetables, but all will provide you with a glimpse of real Tuscan life. It's the perfect place to stay if you want to enjoy the true Tuscany. The rooms and apartments on our web sites are all fully restored in traditional style with modern bathrooms. They are all spotlessly clean and there is frequently a swimming pool available. These houses are known in Italian as "case coloniche". Many attractive possibilities are listed on our Greve in Chianti web site.

Tuscan villas - these are large, more splendid structures than case coloniche, with larger rooms and high ceilings. It is possible to rent an entire villa or rooms and apartments within a villa. All Tuscan villas on our lists have been restored to their former splendour. They contain all modern facilities, while retaining their rustic charm. Most have landscaped grounds to enjoy and quiet areas for walking. They are the perfect place to accommodate groups for vacations, weddings and conferences. We recommend Villa Vitigliano, Villa Gamberaia and Podere Felceto.

Tuscan village apartments - these accommodations are restored houses or parts of restored houses in or near small rural villages. They are within easy reach of country walks but are not part of farms. We recommend Casa Forese, located below the parapets of the fortified village know as il Castello di Montefioralle.

Bed and Breakfasts - These are traditional B & B's with a Tuscan flair. Many are located in old farmhouses or villas which no longer produce agricultural goods. Instead, the proprietors have restored the house itself for guests like you. Some Bed & Breakfasts are located near country roads and are ideal for overnight stops on bicycling tours of Tuscany. We strongly recommend Il Ristoro di Lucarelli which has a bar, an excellent dining room as well as newly restored rooms.

Country Hotels - All are located in rural areas, and will offer nearly every amenity you need. They are perfect for those who want hotel service, but in an ideal "country" setting. We include luxury "boutique" hotels such as Villa Bordoni boutique hotel and Hotel Villa Le Barone traditional Tuscan villa hotel.

Tuscany vacation rentals and holiday homes

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