Arrival and Departure

What to expect in terms of rental start date and duration conditions in Tuscany.

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Arrival times are usually specified so that the owner or his representative, who always have some other employment, can be there to greet the guests. Arrival time is usually during the afternoon so that cleaning can be completed following the departure of the previous guests, if any, in the morning.

Try not to turn up at the property earlier than the agreed arrival time just in case there is no one there and you have to sit around waiting. Similarly, try not to be late. Now that mobile phones are so commonly used, especially in Italy, you can stay in contact with the person who will meet you so that neither you nor they lose time.

It is best to arrive during daylight hours, when shops are open and you can pick up supplies. If your flight requires a very early morning or late night arrival, or if you are going to arrive on a Sunday (traditionally a family day in Italy), special arrangements can be made in advance with the owner.

All of the above applies equally to departure.

Until a few years back, a great many Tuscan vacation rentals specified minimum stays of seven days, starting and ending on a Saturday. Agencies still seem to stick to this rule, presumably for ease of organisation and so as to not have unbooked days. However, due to competition, as large numbers of new properties have entered the market, the great majority of owner direct vacation rentals in Tuscany are now much more flexible, with a three or four day minimum and no starting day specified.

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