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What is the difference between a Tuscan villa and a Tuscan farmhouse?

Tuscan villa

Tuscan villa

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Tuscan farm house


Strictly speaking, a Tuscan villa is a large, architect-designed structure that would house 12 to 30 people and which often has a formal garden integrated into the design concept. However, commonly, usage in the vacation rentals sector applies the word "villa" incorrectly to almost any stand-alone house. Villas normally have large, high-ceilinged rooms while a farmhouse will have smaller rooms with lower ceilings. It's therefore important that you have it clear in your mind what kind of house you want to stay in - a true Tuscan villa or a casa colonica (a Tuscan farmhouse) - and then search the internet for Tuscan villas to rent or farmhouse vacation rentals in Tuscany and be sure to read the descriptions rather than make assumptions based on what you searched for. Note that many farm house rentals are actually not the entire house, but a part, usually referred to as an apartment.

Your Tuscany villa, farmhouse or apartment will typically be very clean, with modern plumbing and an adequately equipped kitchen or kitchen area. There will be a gas or electric stove-top usually with an oven, a sink with hot and cold water, a refrigerator, cooking utensils, crockery, cutlery, glasses and other household equipment to a reasonable standard for holiday use and suitable for the number of people the house accommodates. There will often be a dishwasher but rarely a washing machine. Please be aware that items such as breadboards, kettles, toasters and microwaves are not in general use in Italy and it is often the case that (except in restaurants) tumblers, not wine glasses, are used for wine. Family life in Italy centres on meals and the dining table rather than on a living room. Often, the dining room is the kitchen itself or, in the smaller apartments, the living room is effectively the dining room with a kitchenette off to one side.

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Stay at the famous Villa Gamberaia on the outskirts of Florence!

Accommodations at Villa Gamberaia

A wonderful example of a true Tuscan villa offering vacation rental accommodation is Villa Gamberaia, located 20 minutes by car from central Florence. This famous villa remains in private hands and self-catering holiday apartments are available both within the villa and in the restored farm buildings on the grounds. The Villa Gamberaia gardens are probably the best known classical italianate gardens currently extant. Don't miss this opportunity to spend some time experiencing the ambiance of a true Renaissance villa.

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